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Dental Implants are quickly becoming the standard of care for replacing missing teeth in the mouth.  For years the only way to replace missing teeth in the mouth was to either place cemented bridges (which could have meant the loss of significant tooth structure to the teeth left to hold the bridge and also can create a difficult are to keep clean) or to use a removable partial denture (which many patients have found to be a poor compromise to a cemented bridge).  Dr Maya is having a special through the rest of the year.  Implants can be placed for as low as $1000 per implant placed (this does not include the cost of the restoration on top of the implant).

We are often asked why missing teeth should be replaced.  Actually, this is not a simple question to answer as it is dependent on each individual patient’s needs and the location of the missing tooth to be replaced.  Missing teeth can be cosmetic issues so the implant and crown are done to match the mouth and smile and your esthetic concerns are answered.    This is the simple straight forward reason implants are such a great restorative procedure.

However, replacing missing teeth have many functional purposes as well.  The replacement of missing teeth stops other teeth from shifting and creating problems for the bite and normal function and in some cases can lead to jaw joint disease.  The replacement teeth can assist in proper chewing which allows for a healthy and improved diet.  Replacing missing teeth can also improve your speech and in many cases provide the support for natural facial contours. Lastly, replacing missing teeth using implants can help decrease bone and gum tissue loss associated with missing teeth.

Special pricing for implants can run as low as $1000 per implant. There may be additional fees if any type of grafting is needed to help make sure you get the best result possible. Also, there are additional fees for the crowns that go on top of the implants.

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