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Dr. Maya is the Studio City's Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist - Dr. Salomon Maya - Maya Dental

Quick Relief for Your Dental Emergency

Are you looking for an emergency dentist?  

Whether you have a toothache, a broken tooth, or need a root canal, our dental office can help you with your emergency dental care. 

Call Maya Dental at 818.762.01015.

One of the more common reasons for having to go to the hospital emergency room is dental pain.  

However, a dental visit is much less hassle than a hospital visit, and you can avoid the hospital emergency room by visiting Dr. Maya’s dental practice in Studio City for your dental exam or emergency treatment. 

Conveniently located at the intersection of the 101 freeway and Coldwater Canyon Road, Dr. Maya can help you with all your dental treatment and oral health needs.

Dental Emergencies

Common dental emergencies include tooth pain from a cracked tooth or broken teeth, a broken or lost filling, severe toothache, or even just a denture that is giving you pain, call our office to get an immediate appointment and avoid the emergency room.  

Dr Maya is experienced in performing all kinds of emergency dentistry and his dental work is second to none.


Dental Emergency Appointments

Even if you are a new patient, Dr. Maya’s dental services are available to you.

Our dental office has flexible office hours to accommodate your dental emergency care needs, even outside of his normal business hours.

Call the Maya Dental phone number at 818.762.0105.

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